Cosmetics procedures

Cosmetics procedures

Relax your body and repair your soul. Design Hotel Neruda is a proud partner of Thermes Marins De Saint Malo cosmetics. In cooperation, we present the following procedures:



A volcanic dream about the sea

Enjoy the beneficial effects of mud and geothermal water with relaxing effects. Inhale the scent of citrus fruits enriched with vitamins and enjoy their essential oils.


A Balinese dream about the sea

Let your mind wander for exotic flowers and fruits on the island of Bali. You will enjoy firming and anti-aging effects along with significant relaxation.




Peeling Granita with Noni and coconut provides an intense, but at the same time gentle effect. It is enriched with pulp from the rare Asian Noni plant and restores vitality, hydration and softness.

30 minutes, 1600 CZK


The beautifying body mask with hibiscus flower has firming effects and restores overall firmness.

35 minutes, 1900 CZK


Relaxation massage using modeling balm with cherry blossoms provides an extremely gentle and soothing massage.

55 minutes, 3600 CZK

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